Everything is good in the wood ....

Mulderie Wood, in the heart of the Highlands, is a short distance from where we hand make our candles. This beautiful wood has inspired not only our name but also the exquisite nature inspired scents we use.

We use soy wax in all our candles. This is made from 100% pure soy oil derived from sustainably grown soybeans, and is free from pesticides, genetically modified materials and herbicides. Soy wax is a natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable resource.

We do not use any colourants or dyes in our candles, so they have a smooth pure white finish. Our wicks are made from cotton and specifically designed for use in our candles. Our fragrance oils, essential oils and wax are not tested on animals and contain no animal product.

All our candles are hand blended and poured to exacting standards, ensuring a consistently high quality candle. And as they are made using soy wax, they are long lasting and give an even, strong scent whilst burning.

We have one aim in mind: to make the most natural candles possible; better for you and better for the environment - everything is good in our wood.

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